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Bodymorphia (still)

Show off, beautiful creature! Conchita WURST releases BODYMORPHIA

BODYMORPHIA by Conchita Wurst encourages you to practice self-love and to break the boundaries of your own perception. Conchita Wurst’s new, energetic track was released today and is one of two songs written by Tom Neuwirth for the ARISE Grand Show, the new show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin. After the premiere on 22 September, Bodymorphia can be heard and seen exclusively on the world’s biggest theatre stage every evening for two years.

Vienna, 24 September 2021, for immediate release 

“Won’t give you time to approve all my needs / ’cause you don’t know of the world in my dreams / and I’m ready to be seen again” reads a line of lyrics from Conchita Wurst’s new track Bodymorphia. Together with music producer Albin Janoska, Tom Neuwirth wrote this number for the new ARISE Grand Show at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin and thus thematises joie de vivre, self-determination and pride in one’s own being, detached from the recognition of others.

“I stopped asking for permission to enjoy my life to the fullest a long time ago, and I don’t need confirmation either, from anyone. If I can give listeners – and not least all the people who will see the ARISE show live in the next two years – a tiny little boost of motivation to live their own lives a little more freely, then the song gets more rolling than I could have wished for,” Tom Neuwirth a.k.a. Conchita Wurst is pleased to say.

While it starts with spherical sounds, the track quickly picks up speed and delivers strong synth beats, brisk rap passages and catchy melodies.

“We started working on this number with the Friedrichstadt-Palast team almost three years, and I’m happy that it is – although delayed due to the pandemic – now finally released!” he continues.

“For my producer Albin Janoska and me, it was a completely new process to write a song according to specific guidelines, where, for example, rhythmic accents have to be placed at certain points or specific key words have to be included in the lyrics. That was an exciting experience, especially to see the result blossom in the context of the show with the fantastic staging. And last but not least, we are very happy that my fans can hear the track with my voice!”, adds Tom Neuwirth.

The ARISE Grand Show is the first new production of this magnitude worldwide to celebrate a world premiere since the beginning of the pandemic. Extravagance and grandeur return to the largest theatre stage in the world, more than 100 people from 26 nations provide those goosebump moments we have all been missing with their top artistic performances. “Arise” means to stand up, not to give up, to keep faith in the immortal power of love. The new Grand Show revolves around photographer Cameron, who loses his muse and with her, inspiration, until time comes to bring the old photos back to life with the help of light. ARISE ignites a storm of emotion that will touch hearts with its powerful and magnificent images. Touching and stirring, filled with hope, happiness and joy of life. Info at

Conchita Wurst can then be seen live on TV on 25 September as co-host at ANCHOR 2021, the Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award in Hamburg.

Live with a band, Conchita Wurst will be back on stages in Cologne (7 February), Berlin (8 February), Hamburg (9 February) and Prague (10 February), as well as in Munich (15 February), Linz (17 February), Graz (18 February) and Vienna (19 February) in February 2022. Tickets at

Bodymorphia is a release by SINGODD RECORDS.

Official Music Video on YouTube


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