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Conchita Wurst releases »All That I Wanted«

Conchita Wurst releases »All That I Wanted«

Wien, 9. September 2022

While “Music Impossible”, the new music-program on German public broadcaster ZDF is airing and receiving great reviews, the show’s host Tom Neuwirth a.k.a. Conchita Wurst releases his sixth song this year, »All That I Wanted«, today.

Conchita Wurst releases their sixth song today: »All That I Wanted« is a fresh upbeat dance pop number. In it, the Austro-artist sings about the growth it takes within a relationship, which you relentlessly try to look for in partnerships that don’t work. “I wrote the song at a time when I was racking my brain as to why some relationships just don’t want to get going, when it could be so easy. In the meantime, I’ve learned what’s needed above all is the will to grow together, and that’s all that I wanted,” is how Tom Neuwirth a.k.a. Conchita Wurst describes the creation of the track.

»All That I Wanted« is released by Singodd Records and is like an invitation to dance away your own expectations of your significant other.

Also today, the second episode of the new ZDF music show “Music Impossible. My song. Dein Sound.” will be airing. In the show hosted by Tom Neuwirth, heavy metal queen Doro Pesch and pop star Mike Singer will compete this time and each have to produce their own song in the other person’s musical genre and perform it in front of a live audience. All episodes are already available online in advance in the ZDF-Mediathek and can be streamed at any time.

Exclusive Interviews and behind-the-scenes videos of the show appear on the artist’s own streaming platform, which has already been referred to tongue-in-cheek as “Wurstflix”. You can already watch countless making-of videos as well as original series, fitness videos, Blast-From-The-Past treasures from the archive and more content that is not published anywhere else.

All That I Wanted:

Stream now:

Link to the Official Visualizer: 

Song Credits:
Music: Lukas Klement, Tom Neuwirth, Martin Zerza
Lyrics: Tom Neuwirth, Martin Zerza
Producer: Lukas Klement
Mix: Albin Janoska  
Mastering: Mischa Janisch

Management Contact:

André Karsai | Email: [email protected]

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