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Conchita Wurst releases »Dirty Maria«

Conchita Wurst releases »Dirty Maria«

Wien, 16. December 2022

On Friday, 16 December 2022, Conchita Wurst’s latest song, “Dirty Maria”, will be released. The official music video will follow on Saturday, 17 December at 10:00 CET with a YouTube premiere! 

Dirty Maria is Conchita Wurst’s last release in 2022, which the Austrian artist wrote together with Lukas Klement and Martin Zerza.

The song revolves around boundless greed and opens up a view into people’s abysses in the depths of their psyche in the balancing act between temptation and restraint, for which one always devises their own escape tactics.

As is so often the case with Wurst, the sound is interwoven with the lyrics in unexpected ways, so that the work cannot easily be assigned to a particular musical genre. Multi-layered like every person we meet, this song also hints at a new level of meaning with every new listen. 

For the official music video directed by Elisa Kroiss, one of Vienna’s oldest and most distinguished bathing establishments opened its doors: the Kaiserbründl Gay Sauna in the Capital’s first district. is Conchita Wurst’s own video-on-demand platform, where new, exclusive original series, behind-the-scenes videos, fitness, aerobics and yoga videos to join in, making-of videos and previously unreleased treasures from the archive appear every week. Membership is free for the first 14 days in their trial-offer. 

Dirty Maria:

Stream Now:

Link to the Official Music Video:

Song Credits:
Music: Lukas Klement, Tom Neuwirth, Martin Zerza
Lyrics: Tom Neuwirth, Martin Zerza
Producer: Lukas Klement
Mix: Tobias Woehrer
Master: Mischa Janisch

Management Contact:

André Karsai | Email: [email protected]

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