New song “Paris (Savoir-Vivre)” by Conchita Wurst with fashion music video

New song “Paris (Savoir-Vivre)” by Conchita Wurst with fashion music video

Vienna, 3 June 2022

Only four weeks after his last release “Car”, Tom Neuwirth a.k.a. Conchita Wurst releases a new song that practically invites you onto the catwalk. In “Paris (Savoir-Vivre)”, the versatile performer sings about the art of enjoying life and getting rid, layer by layer, of the armor we have put on ourselves over the course of our lives. In keeping with Pride Month, he encourages being true to oneself and investing most of one’s energy into shaping one’s character rather than fashion or other unnecessary status symbols.   

“You unlearn the childlike lightness of being when you’re a teenager – especially a queer teenager – because society makes you feel like you’re not right. And then you spend the rest of your life throwing off these unnecessary insecurities and shields. It’s 2022, and we’re queer not only during Pride Month! It is high time to use every shopping street, every office corridor and every classroom as a catwalk and present yourself exactly the way you want to be! The track was once again created in collaboration with Lukas Klement (music, production) and Martin Zerza (music, lyrics).   

The song also includes tongue-in-cheek passages in the language of love and romance, and thus marks Conchita Wurst’s French vocal debut. The futuristic music video by the Linz production duo crisp&juicy is reminiscent of a fashion show of vanities on the catwalk. It is a feast of visual versatility and has also been made available on YouTube today. Exclusive making-of videos are gradually being published on the video-on-demand platform  

Paris (Savoir-Vivre):

Stream now:

Link to the official music video:

Song Credits:

Music: Lukas Klement, Tom Neuwirth, Martin Zerza
Lyrics: André Karsai, Tom Neuwirth, Martin Zerza 
Producer: Lukas Klement
Mix: Albin Janoska
Mastering: Mischa Janisch

Management Contact:

André Karsai | Email: [email protected]

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