Press Release: “Trash All The Glam” is the first single off Conchita’s new electro project WURST.

Conchita is WURST now. After years of Glam-Pop Tom Neuwirth aka Conchita zigs when everybody expected him to zag with the release of “Trash All The Glam”, the first single of his new musical project, for which the 30-year-old calls himself WURST.

He sings “I have come here to be me in peace” on this Electro track, which will be released by Sony Music, just like the artist’s first two albums. “I feel the more I trust in me the brighter all my colours be.” He draws a line under the times during which he completely relied on what he was told by others and makes a clear commitment to relentlessly choosing his own artistic path.

Last year’s public discussions focused on and questioned the artist’s fundamental orientation. Whether he is a man or a woman was discussed ad nauseam and they even tried to conjure the end of his stage character. Unfazed by all that, Neuwirth released his second album “From Vienna With Love” with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra which entered the album charts at #1, just like his debut album. At the same time, he even secretly finished his third album with producer Albin Janoska as well as composer and author Eva Klampfer (“Lylit”). With his first track “Trash All The Glam” he further emphasizes the two musical contrasts by no longer presenting Conchita and WURST as a dual role but unadulteratedly living out the two different facets of his stage character from now on: Conchita is the polite and feminine media icon who has been creating a worldwide buzz since she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 and is known for her brilliantly captivating live entertainment with her special blend of Glam-Pop and diva songs. WURST, on the other hand, is the masculine, uncompromising Electro-newcomer, who seems to care for no one’s opinion and delivers sexy, driving, and thoroughly danceable soundscapes but reveals more about Neuwirth and his life in his lyrics than it was ever possible for the unapproachable character of Conchita.

“Trash All The Glam” is an electronic track that clearly establishes the contrast of these two worlds and reveals his artistic output. “I cut off hands that hold me back, I’m trashing all the glam,” sings WURST with thorough conviction that could not be clearer. The song should be understood as a precursor for his artistic rebirth as well as for all of his works that will be released in 2019.

“Trash All The Glam” is available on all streaming platforms from March 8th, 2019. The official music video has been released on all digital platforms. The song can also be purchased and downloaded from digital music services.

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