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Press Release: WURST showcases his entire musical range with the Electro-ballad “See Me Now”

“See Me Now”, WURST’s third new release, is an Electro-Pop ballad that highlights yet another facet of the brand-new musical range of Tom Neuwirth (“Conchita”).

Even though the new soundscapes of Tom Neuwirth aka WURST are all from the electronic realm, they are still very much diverse. “See Me Now” follows the release of his first track “Trash All The Glam” which had no traditional song structure, and the catchy earworm “Hit Me”. The smooth beats of this first Electro-Pop ballad may create an entirely different atmosphere but the subtle lyrics clearly show that the artist has found his own way and is more than willing to take it.

With lyrics like “Quite absurd my mind already travelled far farther than your eyes, farther than your heart,” he leaves those behind who do not want to join him on his artistic journey, but want to hold on to the colours they once saw in his stage character. “Look at me, say goodbye and let me go; see me as I am now, say goodbye, I bid you adieu” is WURST’s invitation to leave the old character behind and take a visually as well as textually exciting journey that, strictly speaking, has already begun.

With “See Me Now”, the artist takes us once again to an exciting as well as relaxing soundscape, which conveys serenity and familiarity with its Trip Hop elements, while Neuwirth’s voice furthers the story step by step with multiple octavated layers. Written by Eva Klampfer (“Lylit”) and produced by co-author Albin Janoska, the songs of the WURST project give us an in-depth view into the world of the multifaceted Austrian artist.

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See Me Now”, “Hit Me”, and “Trash All The Glam” were released by Sony Music Entertainment Austria and are now available on all streaming platforms. The official music videos for the first two songs are available on all digital platforms on the internet and have been viewed more than two million times already. The official music video for “See Me Now” will be released next Friday, on 12 April 2019. The songs can also be purchased and downloaded from digital music services.

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